Unlocking the Xiaomi Booloader

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Before proceeding, ask yourself what is a Xioami bootloader? This block is programmed by Xiaomi to prevent third-party retailers from installing ROMs that could potentially be harmful to Xiaomi smartphone users. NOTE: Unlocking the bootloader involves losing the data present on our phone. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you make a backup (copy) of the files you want to keep.

What about the warranty? For products sold directly by Xiaomi, the company itself confirms that unlocking the bootloader invalid warranty. If you purchased the device from other parties, we encourage you to contact the seller directly.

1) Creating a Xiaomi Account

The first step to the procedure to unlock the bootloader is to create your own Mi Account. If you have already done this, you can go directly to the second step.

  1. We create an account on the official website;
  2. We choose “Country / Region” or “Poland”
  3. In the “Mobile phone number” field, we enter your phone number and make sure that the prefix is +48
  4. In “Captcha” we write the letters visible in the image next to it
  5. Click “Create account
  6. On the next screen, we rewrite the code consisting of 4 digits, for which you will receive an SMS;
  7. We will set a password;
  8. Click “Send“.

2) Login to the Mi Account on the Xiaomi phone

Once you have created your Mi Account, you need to link it to your Xioami, whose bootloader you want to unlock. Here are the next steps to complete:

  1. Open “Settings
  2. At the top, click “Information on your phone” or “My device
  3. Click on “MIUI version” several times to enable programming options
  4. We return to “Settings”, scroll down to select “Additional Settings
  5. Here we select “Programming Options” and turn on the switches for the following three opt
    ions:– Programming O
    ptions- OEM Unloc
    k- USB Debugging
  6. Click “Status Mi Unlock” and then “Deblouj XIAOMI device”
  7. At the bottom click “Add account and device”
  8. Enter your Mi Account details and click “Login“.

3) Unlocking the Xiaomi bootloader

When the previous steps are completed correctly, the key moment of the bootloader unlock procedure comes. To complete everything we will have to use the official software provided by Xiaomi.

  1. We go to the Official Xiaomi website
  2. Click “Unlock Now
  3. On the next page we click “Download Me Unlock” on our hard drive
  4. Unzip the zip file in any folder of your choice
  5. Go to the unzipped folder and run the file “Miflash_unlock.exe”
  6. A request for unlocking consent will appear on the screen, which must be confirmed
  7. Enter the mi account login details that have been linked to your smartphone;
  1. Let’s turn off our Xioami smartphone;
  2. We turn on our Xioami smartphone by pressing the power button and volume key + to start it in Fastboot mode;
  3. We connect Xiaomi to the computer using a USB cable
  4. If everything went according to the described procedure, an inscription will appear on the screen asking you to confirm the unlocking of our Xiaomi device.
  5. Click “Unlock”
  6. In the next dialog box, “unlock” again despite the warnings that will be displayed.
  7. After unlocking, you’ll see a green “Unlocked successfully
  8. Click “Restart your phone

Et voila! Unlocking our Xioami booloader has been successfully completed and completed!

If you are interested in full cooking Xiomi, please follow our guide.

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