How to get someone’s IP from Facebook/Messenger 100% working

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All methods using links such as Grabify, Ip2Location and other such solutions fail in the case of Facebook. Facebook masks the real locations and associated IP of users who enter links to those served on Messenger or Facebook.

The method that I intend to use works 100% and is 100% free like all described on this blog. It requires some time and little technical knowledge, but it will show the real IP addresses of people.

Based on the IP, we can determine data such as:

  • approximate location;
  • internet service provider;
    and many others.

What do you need

  1. Free hosting
  2. Free CMS WordPress
  3. WP Statistics plugin for WordPress
  4. Send the link to the target person
  1. There are many offers of free hosting or hosting services on the Internet, which are free and available in reality for short fees for basic functions, without which the simplest websites cannot be played. That is why after a thorough review you chose a hosting that met our requirements and is actually 100% free and available on our WordPress website.
    Such hosting can be found at this link:
  2. The second stage is the installation of free CMS WordPress software.
    More information about CMS WordPress:
    However, I do not recommend using free hosting on because it requires a fee for installing additional plugins such as WP Statistics, which we will necessarily need.

    Hostinger Hosting, which I recommended in the first point has the option of automatic installation of WordPress, which we will use.
  3. After the complete installation of WordPress, we install the free WP Statistics plugin.
    This plugin saves the IP of visitors, so we will know about which person visited the page, and we send the link to this page only to the target person.
    The site may contain any content, but it would be worth it to be interesting content for the person selected by us. Coronovirus is currently at the top, so you can use my suggestion and create a page about news about it. I am not encouraging you to build an extensive website here but a simple website with 2-3 posts.
  4. Sending link to our website
    The link to our site is best to send via messenger to the selected person. I recommend, however, not to do it personally so as not to arouse suspicion and ask a mutual friend to send a link to the target person and not clicking on it yourself.

    After the target person clicks the link, in the WP Statistics plugin we will see the IP and the city from which the visitor came. More information (more accurate location, Internet service provider and others) about the visitor will be obtained by entering the copied IP address into the IP address search engines, such as:

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  1. Polish Guide Reply

    Typically I’m a language guy, but I love what a detailed guide you made here today. You could learn alot from this. Very Polished argument.

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